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05th Sep 2017

The Ultimate PocketC.H.I.P Survival Guide

Is the PocketC.H.I.P a Nintendo 3DS killer? No. Is the PocketC.H.I.P a command line delight? Yes! If you have fond memories of noodling around at the DOS prompt digging into C:/games, or...

10th Jan 2016

Super Lemonade Factory comes to OSX on Steam and

Super Lemonade Factory is now available on Steam and for Windows and OSX. We’ve translated the game into : ENGLISH; FRENCH; SPANISH; GERMAN; ITALIAN; PORTUGUESE; TURKISH; DANISH; NORWEGIAN; SWEDISH;...

21st Aug 2015

Paid Job: Help me re-design Debby and her boyfriend

Paid Job: Help me re-design these two troublemakers for an animation. Animatic here: Original Photoshop file: To apply, email me at shane [at] and send me your portfolio and how much...

25th Jun 2015

Grrl Scouts Pixel Art Fan Art

Grrl Scouts #1. Based on the awesome comic by Jim Mahfood. Check out the new Grrl Scouts short film. When an evil society sweeps through their town, three small time...

04th Jun 2015

A few fresh pixel arts

17th Apr 2015
The Hottest Pixel Art of the Past Week

The Hottest Pixel Art of the Past Week

The reason why I animate everything at different speeds is to avoid this type of… science cult… #pixelart — Miguelito チキンソード (@ihatemmorpgs) April 17, 2015 #panda boy coz hoodies I...

12th Apr 2015

How to make a level for Super Lemonade Factory

You will need v1 of the Ogmo Editor. You can get it from the Ogmo Editor homepage. Click on Download Ogmo Editor v1 (old Flash version). Make sure you’re not using...

16th Feb 2015

Super Crate Box fan art

10th Feb 2015

Pixel Shader Tutorial

This pixel art shader has been causing quite a stir. Learn more about it here: It’s in Japanese. Google Translate does a good job of turning it into English, but...

29th Jan 2015

Best Pixel Art Assets For Indie Games

Free Surt has so many excellent pixel art tile sheets, and most are licensed as CC0 which is always great news for an indie dev. Some highlights include: Monkey Lad Fantasy...