17th Apr 2015
The Hottest Pixel Art of the Past Week

The Hottest Pixel Art of the Past Week

The reason why I animate everything at different speeds is to avoid this type of… science cult… #pixelart pic.twitter.com/MbtHETtNgb — Miguelito チキンソード (@ihatemmorpgs) April 17, 2015 #panda boy coz hoodies I...

24th Jan 2014

Liselot by bucketOfROBOTS

bucketOfROBOTS posted this awesome pencil sketch of Liselot from Super Lemonade Factory to Twitter.   Sometimes making games is its own reward. And other times, like this, the rewards are...

13th Aug 2013

Gender Bustin’

Gender Bustin’ is over. Huge thank you to everyone who took part. Press on Polygon.com: http://www.polygon.com/2013/8/13/4617816/its-time-for-more-leading-women-in-games If you’d like to talk to the organizer, please get in touch at initials [@]...

07th Aug 2013

Team Menace

I wass going to make a comic in high school with a friend. These were our main characters.

06th Aug 2013

The Phantom #3

The Phantom issue 3. From my personal collection.

06th Aug 2013

Beavis And Butthead Comics

The 90’s was a different time. A young Mike Judge makes a short animation in his garage and signs with MTV, and becomes one of the best cult directors on...

06th Aug 2013

Grrl Scouts books

Grrl Scouts by Jim Mahfood. Image Comics have always put out awesome books. They always have their finger on the pulse. Works Sucks and Grrl Scouts are two compilations that...

06th Aug 2013

Grrl Scouts #1

Jim Mahfood’s Grrl Scouts #1 is something I’ve carried with me for a while. I first picked it up along with an X-Men comic when the Phantom Zone was a...

09th Jul 2013

Lifeless Echro

Cellusious is the type of artist that has been created through internet culture. The same sharing philosophy that created Linux and a host of open source software seems to be...

26th May 2013

One Art Please