05th Sep 2017

The Ultimate PocketC.H.I.P Survival Guide

Is the PocketC.H.I.P a Nintendo 3DS killer? No. Is the PocketC.H.I.P a command line delight? Yes! If you have fond memories of noodling around at the DOS prompt digging into C:/games, or...

10th Jan 2016

Super Lemonade Factory comes to OSX on Steam and itch.io

Super Lemonade Factory is now available on Steam and itch.io for Windows and OSX. We’ve translated the game into : ENGLISH; FRENCH; SPANISH; GERMAN; ITALIAN; PORTUGUESE; TURKISH; DANISH; NORWEGIAN; SWEDISH;...

25th Nov 2014
The best tweets of the #pointandclick Jam

The best tweets of the #pointandclick Jam

Oh wow, #pointclickjam is heating up!! Jon S and Fizzii lend their talents to our tale! #pointandclick #indiedev pic.twitter.com/iFxwVbDfom — Infamous Quests (@IQ_Adventures) November 24, 2014 The power of the...

04th Jul 2014

Lemonade screenshot

Where it all started

20th Jun 2014

Super Lemonade Factory has been Greenlit, launches on Steam 9th July

Super Lemonade Factory has been Greenlit, and launches on Steam on the 9th of July, 2014. Our Steam page can be viewed here. Steam’s Greenlight program went through some teething...

15th Apr 2014

Two new pixel platformers on the way.

For immediate release. The Four Chambers of the Human Heart is a pixel platformer headed for a kickstarter. We’re trying to get a hold of some of that sweet Ouya...

02nd Dec 2013


Super Lemonade Factory has come to Ouya. It was an interesting experience, my first time developing for Android. Firstly, everyone at Ouya are amazing. Bawb helped me out getting a...

26th Sep 2013


07th Aug 2013

Sonic 2 for Sega Master System

I wonder what would happen if you called that hints and tips hotline now.

07th Aug 2013

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