Super Lemonade Factory has come to Ouya. It was an interesting experience, my first time developing for Android.

Firstly, everyone at Ouya are amazing. Bawb helped me out getting a device to test on, founder Julie Urhman tweeted her support of the game.

Currently it sits at #26 on the O-Rank, although this fluctuates day to day.


Lemonade when it was #34 on the O-Rank

We just released v1.7 which is now full screen. There was a lot of confusion about why there was a border around the game, and it was mainly to maintain pixel accurate rendering. People didn’t like it, and I agreed, so I fixed it. Super Lemonade Factory on Ouya is now fullscreen!

Everyone is asking about the sequel, will we see Super Lemonade Factory Two on Ouya. Good question. The answer is maybe. I’m neck deep developing The Four Chambers of the Human Heart which I hope to release on everything that Monogame allows (PC, OSX, Linux, Playstation Mobile/Vita, Ouya). Once that’s in the bag, we’ll take a look at Super Lemonade Factory Two coming to Ouya. I’m not that amped to port it considering the following stats for iOS: 21,102 downloads, most of those were free, the paid downloads total a profit of $59.19.

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