How to make a level for Super Lemonade Factory

You will need v1 of the Ogmo Editor. You can get it from the Ogmo Editor homepage. Click on Download Ogmo Editor v1 (old Flash version). Make sure you’re not using Ogmo Editor 2. The second version is much better and I use it for newer games, but at the time of developing Super Lemonade Factory, the first one was the only one available.

2015-04-12 14_13_27-Ogmo Editor 0.918

The Ogmo Editor v1


The next thing you need to download is the level editor project. You can get it at the Super Lemonade Factory level page.

2015-04-12 14_15_19-Level_Editor

In the Ogmo Editor, choose File > Open Project and choose _SuperLemonadeFactoryPC.oep

2015-04-12 14_19_14-Super Lemonade Factory v1.0.0 Distributed PC - NewLevel.oel

At this stage you can open up a prebuilt level (File > Open Level > Choose a .oel level) or start making your own.

You can paint in blocks into the Solids layer, and fake walls go into the Fake Solids layer.

When you’re happy with your level, save it File > Save Level.

Open up Super Lemonade Factory which you can get on Steam or

2015-04-12 14_29_00-SuperLemonadeFactory

Super Lemonade Factory title screen



Choose Custom Level from the Main Menu.

2015-04-12 14_29_39-SuperLemonadeFactory



Select your level. In this case it’s Example.oel.

2015-04-12 14_33_59-SuperLemonadeFactory


Press play and play your level.

Let’s customize our level a little bit.

Select Andre on the Character layer. You’ll see a selection of attributes you can edit. I want to make Andre and Liselot face each other at the start so I’ve set andreInitialFlip to 1. I’ve also got a hidden room that I want to hide until you go into it. So I’ve set followWidth to 1140. Set followHeight to the size of the level.

2015-04-12 15_23_06-Super Lemonade Factory v1.0.0 Distributed PC - Example.oel

Let’s add a moving platform. Choose the Moving Platforms layer. Choose a platform in the Objects Palette. I’ve chosen level1_specialPlatformSmall. Place it in the level by clicking. It should snap to the grid. Now we need to set it’s end point. Choose the Path object in the Tools Palette or press 4.

2015-04-12 15_06_23-Super Lemonade Factory v1.0.0 Distributed PC - Example.oel

Path Tool


Place a path point.

2015-04-12 15_06_43-Super Lemonade Factory v1.0.0 Distributed PC - Example.oel

Set the Movement Type to 5. 5 means Yo Yo. You can experiment with different styles of movement types listed below.

  5. 5 = PATH_YOYO

Yo Yo Path Movement


Thanks for playing!

2015-02-22 12_49_57-djv_view - C___maya_Super Lemonade Factory_images_sh001_preview.0001.exr

Super Lemonade Factory 3D – 2016






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