Games that I have made

Super Lemonade Factory The pièce de résistance of the Initials Empire. Super Lemonade Factory has been critically acclaimed, and sits alongside some of the best pixel art experiences on iOS.

Mode for iOS A port of the fantastic Flixel demo by Adam Atomic. Grab the source code.

Soul Harvester A HTML5 game using Phaser Grab the source code.

Above The Clouds – Choose a pilot and fly high above the clouds, avoid the birds, and keep yourself in the slipstream.


Their Finest Space Pixel

Apple Shampoo For the TIGSource Versus competition. Also appears on the Winnitron AU.

The Crawl Procedurally generated dungeon crawler. Source code available.

Loop Booster Shmup. Download the soundtrack at over at bandcamp. In development for iPhone with new graphics.

Sharehouse An experiment in XML delivered content and minimal game play. Exercising the question “What is game play?”

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