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25th Jul 2013

Summer of Animation + Illustration Season 01 Episode 01


16th Jul 2013

Video Games In Cinema

First up is Thou Art Dead from the awesome animated film Monster House. Although this started out as a fake game in a movie, it ended up being playable on...

09th Jul 2013

Lifeless Echro

Cellusious is the type of artist that has been created through internet culture. The same sharing philosophy that created Linux and a host of open source software seems to be...

17th Jun 2013

The ECHRO tileset

    Here we have the wonderful Cellusious‘ old ECHRO tileset, modified to play nice with Tiled. I’ve added some skies which came from part of an art pack that...

28th May 2013

Zine Collection

26th May 2013

One Art Please


17th May 2013


Going to make a game called HOMEWRECKRZ

07th May 2013

Minifigs Animations + Sprite Sheets

        Original art here: Posting sprite sheets to stay inline with the CC 3.0 BY license.                    ...

04th May 2013

Mickey Mouse – Castle Of Illusion – Sega Master System

    You may have heard that Mickey Mouse is coming to next gen consoles in a HD remake of Castle Of Illusion. This was one of my favourite games...

29th Apr 2013
Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards

Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards

So I’m a finalist in theĀ Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards. If I win we’re all going out for pizza.   Update, I was a runner up. There will be...