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17th Apr 2013
Potential Kickstarter

Potential Kickstarter

I’m thinking of kickstarting Super Lemonade Factory Two. $1 – name in the credits $5 – copy of the game $20 (36 available) – name a level $50 (1 available) – name...

29th Mar 2013
Super Lemonade Factory cheat menu

Super Lemonade Factory cheat menu

I put this cheat menu into Super Lemonade Factory, because the best part of video games for me was finding the hidden parts. > be on menu screen > swipe...

28th Mar 2013

Skullgirls gets $825 000. That means 5 new characters

I want to say a big congratulations to the entire Skullgirls team for raising $825 000 for new characters. The team that put together the IndieGoGo campaign did a fantastic...

26th Mar 2013

Pimps vs Vampires

The latest entry into the genre of x versus y is Pimps vs Vampires. I’m playing it now and it is fantastic.

09th Mar 2013

Super Lemonade Factory Two

For #screenshotsaturday Screenshots of Super Lemonade Factory Two. This is the version where you control six characters at once. It’s cool but it poses a lot of problems in terms...

08th Dec 2012

minifigs animations

06th Dec 2012
Replies to iTunes Review for Super Lemonade Factory

Replies to iTunes Review for Super Lemonade Factory

One of the things you cannot do on the iOS App Store is reply to people who leave comments. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate. I’d...

29th Oct 2012
Initials Eyeball Awards 2012

Initials Eyeball Awards 2012

Initials Eyeball Awards 2012 I’m part of a great community of game designers, artists, producers and we all have one thing in common. We love video games. To honor my...

23rd Oct 2012
FlxCaveGenerator for Python

FlxCaveGenerator for Python

Do you like generating caves? Here is illogictree’s FlxCaveGenerator ported to Python. import os import re import random from PIL import Image class PyCaveGenerator: """ PyCaveGenerator based on Eddie Lee's...

13th Aug 2012
Indie Superstars

Indie Superstars

Awesomenauts is on my “to play” list. There are some theme songs burned into my memory due to playing the game so many times. Alex Kidd in Miracle World is...